Laser Cutting

A Laser Cutting Center adds a new dimension to job shop material processing. Kercher Industries, Inc. has been providing superior laser cutting services since 1985. A 0.005″ diameter beam of light cuts almost any material — 3/4″ thick steel, plastic, copper, wood, gasket material — and it can be done repeatedly, without distortion to .005″ accuracy. For cutting stainless steel, high pressure inert nitrogen is used for a silver edge, requiring no post-process cut. Nitrogen is also used for cutting flammable materials, such as certain gasket materials.
Kercher Industries, Inc. uses a Swiss-built, high power, high precision laser using dual 60″ x 120″ shuttle tables. This provides high production capabilities; however, the primary focus for our laser work is — high precision and high quality laser cutting, many times eliminating further machining requirements that were normally required after other laser or other cutting methods.Our design engineers can provide the input from your drawings into our laser or we can directly download your engineering files into our laser control unit.Our Swiss-built laser is capable of cutting up to the following:

  • 3/4″ x 60″ x 120″ steel plate
  • 12″ diameter tubing x 96″ long