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Prototyping | From Concept Through Manufacturing

Kercher Industries has decades of experience working with our customers to build prototypes. Our depth of experience in prototyping comes from with working with its sister division, Lancaster Products, to develop new product ideas and build working machines.   Kercher Industries’ high degree of vertical integration allows us to take an idea from concept through to finished part.  Our full service job shop with laser cutting, welding, machining and assembly capabilities, combines with our engineering capabilities to seamlessly build and manage prototype development.   From concept through to manufacturing, we have the experience, the manufacturing capabilities and the engineering know under one roof to quickly prototype and cut down development costs for our customers.


Kercher Industries’ Proven Prototyping Process


Step 1:  Requirements Gathering-  We work with our customers on the initial concept, understanding the intended uses and conditions the prototype machine or parts may encounter in a production environment.

Step 2: Design – Based on the requirements we create a preliminary design or based on customer evaluation we modify the design incorporating feedback

Step 3: Modeling: We 3D model the design to ensure clearances and fit, making modifications and suggestions on design improvements to enhance the prototype.  Once the 3D model is agreed upon, we create manufacturing drawings to build the prototype

Step 4: Prototype build:  We manufacture the prototype and get feedback from our team on how to improve the prototype and enhance its manufacturability

Step 5: Customer Evaluation – Our customer evaluates the prototype and gives feedback for improvements.  The feedback is fed back to the design step and we create an enhanced prototype.  The cycle continues until our customer is completely satisfied with the product and oks moving the prototype to production