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Design & Engineering

Kercher Industries, Inc. offers expert machine design and engineering services with its own on-site, professional engineering staff.  Kercher’s engineering team offers multiple levels of design and engineering support and services.   Our engineering staff ensures that every job is done correctly and ensure will come together before a single part is manufactured.  Depending on our customer’s capabilities and needs, our engineers can provide support to customer engineering efforts or act as a  full service outsourced engineering staff.   Whether you have detailed engineering drawings or back of a napkin sketches, our engineering team can bring your ideas to life.  Because our engineering staff is located at our manufacturing facility, we focus on manufacturability by assisting our customers design and build parts, assemblies or machines, effectively and efficiently.   Kercher Industries’ engineering staff is incredibly versatile with capabilities to design single parts or entire machines.  Because of Kercher Industries’ relationship with its sister division, Lancaster Products, our engineers excel at complex machine design and have capabilities beyond those found at most machine shops.   Our talented group focuses on design, detailing, drafting, laser and CNC programming and has the skills to execute any size project.


Kercher Industries Engineering Capabilities:

  • Design/build/install of projects, and retro-fit projects
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturability Asssesment
  • Old drawings to 3D conversions
  • Job site visits and customer collaboration
  • Field measurements for project development
  • General arrangement, layout and detail drawing expertise
  • 2D and 3D CAD services
  • Preparation of customer drawings for fabrication and/or installation