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Laser Cutting Services

Kercher Industries specializes in precision high-speed laser cutting services for production runs of any size. From our vertically integrated Machine Shop, not only can we provide laser cutting but also welding, machining finishing and assembly services to build complete parts. The Trumpf laser is the heart of our machine shop, usually a first stop for producing fabricated parts before moving on to other shop operations. Kercher Industries provides high quality work, excellent customer service and quick turn-around at competitive pricing.


Kercher Industries utilizes the 4000w Trumpf 2030 fiber laser, a modern versatile machine with close tolerance capabilities (+/-.002″). Powerful and fast, it provides for high cutting productivity and long-term reliability. With a BrightLine fiber feature, we benefit from all the advantages of the solid-state laser for all sheet thicknesses. This state of the art laser, combined with our decades of experience, will efficiently produce parts of the highest quality.


  • 1” Steel Plate
  • ¾” Stainless Steel
  • ¾” Aluminum
  • 5/16” Brass
  • 5/16” Copper
  • 60”x120” Sheet size

Advanced Software

Kercher Industries utilizes engineering software packages such as AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and Metamation’s MetaCam to design and program complex 2D and 3D parts. Our software takes drawing directly from engineering files to the laser to ensure that no details are missed. Our Nesting software ensures optimum material usage and minimal waste to maximize productivity and ensure quality products.

Seasoned Professionals

For over 70 years Kercher Industries has been a leader in Manufacturing Services. We employ a veteran team of highly experienced employees with extensive training. Exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional value are our highest priorities.

Servicing a wide variety of applications and industries, Kercher Industries has the technology, processes and people to provide high quality, quick turnarounds and exceptional value to our customers.

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