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About Kercher Industries

Kercher Industries is a vertically integrated machine shop specializing in machining, laser cutting, welding, fabrication and complex machine assembly. Started in 1946 by James H. Kercher as a small machine shop, Kercher Industries has grown into a leading manufacturer focused on providing high value solutions to our customers.  Kercher Industries proudly manufactures in Lebanon, PA in a modern 75,000 square manufacturing facility.

We are an extremely versatile manufacturing facility catering to both to high volume production runs as well as to single unit prototype designs. We take pride in our flexibility to serve a diverse range of customers with varying specification and delivery requirements in a highly efficient manner.  While we can perform a single manufacturing process, building complex parts with a multistep process allows us to take full advantage of our vertical.   In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, our in house Engineering staff can quickly design custom or out of production parts or assemblies and provide customers with detailed 3D drawings.

Our company focuses on delivering superior value to our customers.  We are proud of our heritage and are passionate about manufacturing