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Market: Mining

Application: Fabrication and assembly of 4 truck wheel assemblies for reclaiming machine

The Challenge:  A global manufacturer of mining machinery needed 4 new rugged truck wheel assemblies manufactured for one of their reclaimers.  The parts needed to be delivered quickly and be able to withstand the rigors of everyday use in mining operations.

kercher-industries-reclaimer-wheel-assemblyThe Solution: Kercher Industries was chosen to manufacture these parts because of their proven track record in providing turnkey solutions in meeting all of the required specifications.  The manufacturing processes required for this particular project included laser cutting, welding, machining, mechanical assembly, and painting.  It was imperative that a company with all of these capabilities manage the build.  According to Gary Peters, Operations Manager at Kercher Industries, “We were selected for this particular project based on our history of providing excellent service to this client.  Furthermore, our experience in building ruggedized parts for our own Lancaster Products brand high shear mixers gave them a high level of confidence in our ability to manufacture these one-off mechanical assemblies.”

wheel-assembly-for-reclaimerAs with any large piece of equipment, it is critical that the foundation upon which it is built be strong and reliable.  In this case, the wheel assemblies are used to guide the equipment on a railroad track so not only did they need to provide the foundation for stability, but they needed to be precise enough to account for operation on the track.  Each of the 4 assemblies weighs over 1,100 pounds with 2 of them built as drive units and the other 2 being non-drive units complete with the gears, pinions, and shafting necessary for integration with the motors that power the reclaimer.

“This was an ‘All-Hands-on-Deck’ project for us”, says Peters, “it took a true team effort to complete this project because of all the different fabrication and machining processes involved.”  All parts passed inspection throughout the build, met all required specifications, and were delivered on time.

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